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At Tucson's Finest Cleaners, we recognize the significance of imparting your visitors a easy and hygienic area, and we usually cross above and past to make certain that your property is spotless. Using a detailed cleansing checklist & monthly professional training, our expert and skilled cleaners will mark off objects as they circulate from one venture to the next, making sure that the whole lot is taken care of. Since we recognize that the time among while one visitor checks out and any other arrives may be extraordinarily limited, we are able to perfectly execute a cleaning within the time frame. We’d additionally by no means cancel or pull a no-show, due to the fact we recognize that you’re relying on us to get your area spic and span on your visitors.


What We Provide

Modern Kitchen
Modern Kitchen


  • Counters detailed wipe around & under all items.

  • All appliances & cabinets wiped

  • Microwave cleaned inside and out

  • Stove top cleaned, removing buttons to clean underneath when needed

  • Sink cleaned and scrubbed

  • Kitchen tables and chairs cleaned and dusted

  • Light fixtures and any mirrors or pictures cleaned 

  • Organization

Cosy Living Room
Cosy Living Room

Living Room

  • All furniture, entertainment centers, lamps, and shelving dusted

  • Dirty spots on couches, chairs, or other furniture cleaned

  • Remove items from coffee table and wipe clean

  • Mirrors and pictures dusted and cleaned

  • Blankets folded and placed on the arm of the couch

Modern Design Bathroom
Modern Design Bathroom


  • Light fixtures and any mirrors or pictures cleaned and dusted

  • Counters wiped behind and under all items

  • Soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, etc. wiped clean and all products arranged in a pleasant, organized manner

  • Front of cabinets wiped

  • Walls of the shower and the bathtub scrubbed

  • Toilet scrubbed with toilet brush or pumice if needed, toothbrush the hinges, wipe down outside, top and underneath toilet, and hand wipe around the base of the toilet

  • Toilet paper pointed so guests can see the space has been cleaned



  • All furniture, headboards, footboards, lamps, shelving, and entertainment centers dusted and any items on the floor picked up

  • Lampshades vacuumed if needed

  • Nightstands wiped down, removing and replacing items in an organized manner

  • Mirrors and pictures dusted and cleaned

  • Beds made and pillows and cushions carefully arranged

  • Floors vacuumed and mopped, including corners and under furniture if possible

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