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Do I need to be home?

The only thing we ask for is for a way to access your home. You're more than welcome to be home or away!

Are you able to use my personal cleaning products?

We will gladly use your favorite household cleaning products! Please get in contact with any office member to review & approve your cleaning chemicals before your cleaning.

Do I need to provide cleaning products?

Our team is fully equipped with the best chemicals possible for any type of cleaning!

My furry friends!

We love your furry friends! We love them so much we want to protect them at all costs. For their safety please put them in a designated area as our team takes care of your home!

Who will clean my home?

Each team member is professionally trained to provide the best services possible. We will always schedule two or more cleaning specialists to take care of any project.

What if something breaks?

We stand by being completly transparent when anything breaks. If something was truly broken during your cleaning we are insured and will figure out the best solution possible.


Is there something that was not answered ? Get in touch to get additonal information!

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